About us

JSC “Credit Information Bureau" (KIB) is a part of the world’s largest credit information and risk management solutions providing group “Creditinfo Group" and it aims to reduce the financial risks of companies and individuals.

KIB was founded in May 2013 and is the first licensed credit information office in Latvia, licensed in the data processing field and supervised by the Data State Inspectorate.

By accumulating information from a wide range of companies and adding data from the state and commercial registry, we help Latvian companies:

  • to make correct financial decisions quickly
  • to control debtors
  • to increase turnover.

Our customers have access to the database https://secure.kib.lv, which allows access to the financial data of Latvian companies and individuals at any time of the day. In addition, we regularly make assessments of payment behaviour, credit ratings and insolvency of companies to anticipate developing trends.

Once registered, individuals can check all of the information summarized by the Credit Information Bureau at www.manakreditvesture.lv. Each individual has the right to receive two free credit history references per year, which shows the data on active liabilities, delayed contracts and invoices as well as a list of companies that have requested a personal credit report for the private individual. For a fee, there is an opportunity to receive an additional credit history reference or to purchase an annual subscription, which allows you to download an unlimited amount of references and to check the automatic creditworthiness calculation.