Credit history

A credit history is a summary which includes all of the information that is available to the credit bureau regarding company-related information, including information which has been reported by other companies regarding the payment of loans, the payment of bills, or publicly-available information about the company in question. In addition to the basic information – company name, registration number, address, and contact information – other types of information are also available:

  • participation – information about those persons who are involved in the company, such as owners, officials, and their representation rights
  • requests – information about whether company data has been requested by third parties, such as other companies, including banks and other institutions that have access to the KIB system
  • disputes – whether the company has ever raised any claims in regard to the accuracy of the contract details, as well as the state of any such claims
  • encumbrances – litigation-related information, including bankruptcies, winding-up proceedings, or collateral and commercial pledges