Credit history

A credit history is a document in which the credit information bureau includes all of the information at its disposal which relates to an individual’s financial obligations and the progress of their performance. The credit history also displays all contracts in which the individual in question is the guarantor for other borrowing agreements. In addition to financial information, a credit history also includes information from public sources (such as the Register of Enterprises).

The KIB receives information from banks, leasing companies, licensed consumer creditors, telecommunications companies, utility service providers, and other companies which have agreements in place with the KIB that require them to provide the necessary data.

Participants in the creditors register and consumer creditors upload all credit agreements – containing both positive and negative information. Telecommunications companies, utility providers, and other companies upload only payment violations – which contain only negative information.

Banks, leasing companies, or licensed consumer creditors have the ability to be able to identify good customers. A credit history provides information about successful borrowings by existing or potential clients, as well as comprehensive information on active commitments, which is an important precondition for sound decision-making.

The credit history also shows all of the negative records for the individual in question, in which they have payments which have not been paid on time, if any.

Credit ratings can be requested by companies which enter into a credit agreement or a post-payment contract with a private individual if the individual in question has provided their consent. Each individual has the right to receive two free credit history references per year, which shows a list of companies that have requested a personal credit report in relation to the private individual concerned. For a fee, there is also the opportunity to order an additional credit history reference or to purchase an annual subscription, which allows you to download an unlimited number of references.