International report with included expert assessment

KIB provides a supply of information about companies from more than 240 countries around the world. You have the opportunity to order credit reports from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and North America. The reports include all company-related information, including invoicing information which is reported and regularly updated by other companies, as well as publicly-available information about the business. The reports have a joint structure; therefore, regardless of from which country the report originates, its layout is always the same. In addition to the basic information such as company name, registration number, address, and contact information, other information is also available:

  • credit rating – a figure that is calculated according to a particular mathematical algorithm. The company’s credit rating predicts how high or low is the company’ s capability of making payments in the next twelve months
  • credit limit – the limit for post-paid transactions is determined by assessing each company on an individual basis
  • participation – information about those persons who are involved in the company – owners and officials, and their representation rights
  • encumbrances – litigation-related information, including bankruptcies, winding-up proceedings, and collateral and commercial pledges
  • financial statements – most of the data which is available for the previous three years

The level of detail in information which is available in the international report depends upon the information available in the relevant country. To facilitate decision-making and the translation of information, each report is manually created and the data is evaluated by a national expert of the relevant country. The expert can comment on the company’s analysis, which will be reflected in the delivered report.