Individual’s income statement

An income statement held by the State Revenue Service (VID) in relation to a private individual and a borrower’s income includes all of the taxpayer’s gross income in the previous tax year and in the current tax year (from the beginning of the year).

The VID statement contains information which the employer or private individual personally provides to the VID in accordance with the regulations:

  • A report covering obligatory state social insurance contributions from employee income, personal income tax, and business risk state tax within the reference month
  • A statement of the amounts paid to the private individual
  • An annual income declaration
  • A reporting period declaration on income gained from capital gains
  • A declaration of the clarification of annual capital gains
  • Micro-enterprise tax declaration
  • A personal income tax report on the income and tax paid by a private individual who is a non-resident in the republic of Latvia
  • A report covering seasonal agricultural workers in terms of their income tax payer’s employment income, personal income tax, and obligatory social insurance contributions.

The KIB may issue a VID income statement to a corporation (or its branch) where such a corporation is authorised within the republic of Latvia to lend individuals or has received a special permit (licence) for the provision of a consumer credit service.