International credit reports

The KIB offers a unique opportunity for companies with counter parties in the Baltic States to order credit reports from credit bureaus in Lithuania, Estonia, and/or Finland. The credit bureau in each country offers the widest range of information about the specific company. The reports include all of the company-related information that is available to the credit bureau, including information which is reported and regularly updated by other companies, invoice payments, and also publicly-available information about the company. In addition to the basic information – company name, registration number, address, and contact information – other types of information are also available:

  • credit rating – in 90% of cases companies in neighbouring countries base their decisions on cooperation on the credit rating provided by the credit bureau. A credit rating is an assessment of company’s creditworthiness – a figure that is calculated according to a particular mathematical algorithm. The company’s credit rating predicts how high or low is the company’s capability of making payments in the next twelve months
  • participation – information about those persons who are involved in the company – owners and officials, and their representation rights
  • encumbrances – litigation-related information, including bankruptcies, winding-up proceedings, and collateral and commercial pledges