Negative credit report

This is the credit history of a company which has at least one infringement of a contract or payment in which the company has the role of the borrower or guarantor. A negative credit history focuses only on negative information (including historical data). The most important point is information regarding the status of payments, which indicates the number of delayed days and payment infringements in all active contracts.

By requesting a negative credit report, a company can make sure that the legal entity in question has no outstanding commitments.

Banks and any other creditors have the ability to identify bad customers. A negative credit history provides information on a customer’s current or potential outstanding debts. Comprehensive information on outstanding commitments is one of the key preconditions for making secure decisions.

The KIB receives information from banks, leasing companies, and construction, manufacturing, fuel, retail, and other important business sectors which have agreements with the KIB to provide data.