Strongest in Latvia

Strongest in Latvia is your business credibility certification since 2017. We know that you are strong – it’s time for others to find out this as well!

Benefits to Certify your company

  • Prove excellence of your company’s financial situation
  • Join elite Strongest community in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Strengthen your image as trusted employer
  • Use digital certificates to validate your credibility
  • Benefit from using Strongest certificates locally and globally
  • List of certified companies in Biggest business newspaper
  • List of certified companies in
  • List of certified companies in and
  • Company’s mark on specialized map of Strongest companies
  • Facebook and social media stories with your company promotion
  • Annual subscription to the KIB system

Strongest in Latvia companies are engine of Baltic economy!

Almost 50% of Latvia’s business profit is done By Strongest companies. Check if your company belongs to best companies which make almost ½ of all Latvia’s profit.

Almost half of all Latvia’s sales is generated by the Strongest community. Join elite club of best companies and grow your business reputation.

1/3 of Latvia’s employees work in Strongest companies. Make your employees happy and proud of your company. Attract best employees from the market

Strongest companies pay their bills more than 2 times faster than others. Benefit using this advantage as an argument when negotiating billing terms and fees. Are you one of these companies?

80% of Latvian companies are small business. You can be one of Strongest despite the size. – it only matters if you are financially responsible and pay your bills in time.

4th season of Strongest is Latvia is approaching. We know you are strong – it’s time for others learn about it!

Are you the Strongest in Latvia 2019?

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