The Credit Information Bureau receives an information security governance certificate

We care about our customers and have taken a significant step to further improve the quality of our work. The homework has been done and Credit Information Bureau has been awarded the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security and Governance Certificate.

This is an international standard that sets out the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving a company’s information security management system.

The document certifies that:

  • the company has a secure information management system, which is properly maintained and continuously improved, and meets internationally recognised security requirements;
  • information security risks have been developed and assessed according to the specific nature of the company’s work. 

“As we deal with data of individuals and companies on a daily basis, information and data security is our priority! For this reason, we decided to follow an internationally recognised standard that will serve as a permanent reference for improving our information management systems, because the work on improving security measures is never-ending. I hope that the certificate will also serve as an additional guarantee of trust for our customers," says Intars Miķelsons, the board member of Credit Information Bureau.